Call for stories about going from nurse to patient

Tell us about going from nurse to patient, and win a $75 gift card!

Eventually, every nurse will experience the other side of the health-care system.

How did care in the emergency department look when you received it as a patient? How was your visit to a nurse practitioner when you found yourself in need of care? Did an experience as a patient change the way you nurse?

We want to hear your story, and it could win you an awesome prize.

Every year, RNAO asks members to share stories about aspects of nursing practice that – expectedly or unexpectedly – have an impact on your life and career. Select stories are published in the July/August issue of Registered Nurse Journal or on our website. By sending us your story, you will also be entered in a draw for one of three $75 gift cards towards great restaurants across Ontario.

This year’s call is for nurses who have gone from provider to patient. The experience may have been enlightening or downright mystifying. It may have changed your perspective on the profession and the people you care for.

Tell us about it in 500 words, and you could find yourself published in RNJ, or out for dinner on RNAO.

Send your stories by June 10 to be considered for online publication. Stories selected for publication in the July/Aug 2016 issue of Registered Nurse Journal will be accepted up to and including June 10.

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